What is the Health in Action Program?

Health in Action began in 2011 as a health initiative by Special Olympics Ontario to encourage daily physical activity among youth. In October of 2005, the Education Minister announced a new mandate called DPA (Daily Physical Activity). This program ensures students in the elementary program recieve 20 minutes of continuous moderate to vigorous exercise per day to promote learning and health. Although DPA is an elementary mandate, secondary teachers have had great success with their students after implementing the Health in Action program in their classrooms.

The Health in Action program is designed to meet the needs of both elementary and secondary school students regardless of whether or not they are using it for DPA. The program offetrs a general framework that is often a starting block for educators to modify to create a framework that is functional for them. Each session involved a proper stretching period, warm up, mini health lesson and stepping activity. The ‘Step’ component of the program includes any type of activity that can be measured by a pedometer, such as: walking, jogging, running, participating in sports and dancing.

In addition to the health benefits, Health in Action aims to develop the participants skills in the following areas: goal setting, goal achievement, responsibility, accountability, and computer literacy.

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